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Wealth Beyond Taxes

How Automotive Professionals are Using the Tax Code to Their Advantage to Generate More Income and Wealth

by Gina Wells, CLU®, ChFC®
and Catherine Toone

Automotive Professionals, I'll bet you've complained about taxes at some point during the last 12 months. "So what can I do about it?" you ask yourself. You already work with a team of trusted advisors who help you prepare and pay your taxes each year right?

By that time, there's not much they can do to help their clients further other than encouraging them to make an occasional contribution to their 201k or IRA accounts. But there's a tax problem you are likely suffering from which you're not even aware of yet. Like a life-threatening disease that slowly comes to the surface, it can cause irreversible damages to your financial well-being.

If you are an automotive professional (a w-2 employee, 1099 contractor, or business owner) the Wealth Beyond Taxes strategies outlined in this book can help you pay significantly less in taxes over the course of your lifetime and help you generate more income and wealth for your family.


We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it! 

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