Meet the Team

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Catherine Toone

Financial Design Strategist

I'm a people person by nature and take great joy getting to know my clients. The very foundation of our approach is finding out how we can help you achieve your unique goals and dreams.

 - Catherine Toone

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Gina Wells, CLU, ChFC

Owner, Financial Design Strategist, Fiduciary Advisor

In my over 40 years of working in the estate and financial planning arenas, I have loved helping people find solutions to problems some never thought they had, and ultimately take control of their money vs it controlling them. 

 - Gina Wells


About Us

Financial Design Strategies


     Gina Wells was in a predicament. Newly married, she and her husband realized that their larger, blended family, created a desperate need for home renovations. Despite the fact that she and her husband were living paycheck to paycheck, Gina found a way to break free of her reliance on financial institutions and find the money without going into debt. Since then, she has spent her career empowering her clients to do the same.

     Catherine "Cat" Toone found herself back at the starting line when an emergency forced her to take most of her 401k savings. This experience propelled her to find a better way to save while still satisfying her present obligations. Along the way she learned that traditional planning doesn't necessarily provide all the answers and has since dedicated herself to teaching others the lessons she has learned.

     Two different journeys but the discovery was the same: There is more to the story than conventional wisdom would have us believe. Each personal struggle evolved into a mission to find a better way to approach financial planning. A way that focused on sound economic principles, critical thinking, and a focus on an individual's needs.  

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Our belief is that traditional financial planning does not offer adequate solutions for today's complex economy. Our mission is to shed light on financial truths to provide our clients with a better understanding of how money works, and how to make it work for them.

We take a 360-degree approach and help find money families may be unnecessarily, even unknowingly transferring away. By coordinating and integrating all the elements of one's cash flow starting with income, savings, expenses, liabilities, taxes, and future expenditures, we build with our clients their own “Personal Economic Model.”  The model helps show areas that can be improved upon, bringing dollars back to the table, to save or spend - the decision is yours.  If you choose to save it, we help with your understanding that there are only three buckets with which to contend: tax deferred, taxable, or tax free.