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The DESIGN Process

Financial design should not be driven by products, but by sound economic truths and education that empowers our clients to take control of their financial future.  It is the careful crafting of a strategy unique to you and your needs that makes our firm stand apart from traditional financial planning firms. The DESIGN Process allows us the best opportunity to create that strategy based on your specific needs and wants.

The DESIGN Steps

Getting To Know Each Other

The first step is getting to know you and your family. I will discuss how you are currently saving, what you think you are doing well, areas you feel you need assistance, and goals that you have for the future. I welcome any and all questions you have about me, my process, and how I help my clients reduce debt, mitigate taxation, and maximize cashflow.


Finding Your Present Financial Position

The evaluation process involves taking a 360-degree view of your current financial model. Together, we will create a visual outline of what I call your "present position", based on your income, expenses, current benefits, protection, savings, and growth products you are using. This exercise is designed to uncover whether or not you are unnecessarily, even unknowingly, transferring dollars away from you.


Designing Financial Solutions

After your present position is established, I start to pinpoint areas that may improve your current and future positions. I will outline the pros and cons of each area to be sure the financial products you are using are working in a coordinated and integrated fashion. Together we will create a measurable plan of action designed to help you achieve what you want to have happen in the future.



Putting a Plan into Action

Once we collaborate on a strategy you are comfortable with, we will take the necessary steps to put that plan into action. I will walk you through the process and help with any requirements necessary. Upon implementing a financial plan, you are officially a client of Financial Design Strategies! My client base enjoys access to support and a network of associated professionals, tools, resources, and updates on ever-changing market.


Ongoing Monitoring

As a client, your financial plan will be monitored and maintained. I can test and measure scenarios within your model so that you can make educated decisions based on how to spend, save, or invest your money. I meet consistently and am available for questions or changes. My greatest pleasure is to watch my clients grow and thrive and most importantly, sleep better knowing they have an ally in the industry.


Continuing to Learn

Throughout the years, I will continue to collaborate on your financial design strategy and if needed, make adjustments based on changing circumstances.  I will teach you what I know about money so that you continue to make the best decisions for your family. My hope is that as our relationship builds, you feel comfortable introducing me to other families just like you, so that we can continue to create a network of financially empowered families.




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