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SMART Retirement: 
The Strategic Movement Around Retirement Taxation 
by Matt Zagula

SMART is the Strategic Movement Around Retirement Taxation® and its goal is to limit your postretirement taxation―not your income.

Inside, you’ll learn:

• How to use tax awareness to increase your net retirement income without adding risk.
• Ways to reduce the amount of money you give the IRS during your retirement.
• How Warren Buffett continues to grow his wealth through an actuarial concept called float and how you can integrate a similar approach in your personal finances.
• The three dates that forever changed the face and future of the American retirement system and how to use this knowledge to better protect your money.
• Why rate of return is a half-truth and how you can enhance your net returns by lowering your effective tax cost.
•The banker’s best math trick and how to stop it from costing you a comfortable retirement.

Are you ready to get SMART about your retirement? By integrating these techniques into your existing financial plan, you can secure a better financial future for you and your loved ones for generations to come.

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